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I'm a traditional blacksmith. I use iron to solve modern design problems.
I work with iron because of its plasticity. You're not adding or taking something away. You're changing the shape of what's already there to create something new. There’s a purity and integrity to that.

Everything I make starts with the question: what does it need to do?
I have a degree in Fine Art and am inspired by the modernist principle of form following function. There's nothing unnecessary or decorative about my ironwork. Everything is there to do a job really well. It’s that simple and that important.

I choose originality above uniformity.
Not everything should look the same. My designs are standardised but not homogenised. Each piece is accurate down to the last millimetre but within that there’s room for individual character – a hammer mark or join that’s unique to that piece. That’s the beauty of it being hand-made.

Blacksmithing is still a vital trade and the solutions it gives us are solutions to problems that still exist. People will always need to put up shelves or open their front door. Blacksmithing lets us do that in a way that’s not off-the-shelf or factory-made but entirely unique.

That’s why I’m a blacksmith.

A close up of a pair of decorative shelf brackets
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