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Welcome to my blog!

Lots and lots of people I meet ask me if I shoe horses. I don't shoe horses, that is what farriers do. It is very complex and skilled work that requires a huge level of knowledge of both forging steel, and horse anatomy. I am a blacksmith. I use a forge to get steel hot in order to shape it using a hammer and an anvil, amongst other tools. And I make all manner of functional and ornate ironwork. I have been a self employed, professional blacksmith since 2010, and in that time I have encountered lots of amazing and interested clients and followers. I have also encountered many people who have absolutely no idea what I do, or indeed why. I want this blog to open up the conversation, and show people who want to listen (read) just how exciting, dynamic, contemporary and unique the world of the contemporary blacksmith is. I want to engage people in the types of skills and processes that form an everyday part of my workshop. To introduce you to the sort of objects a blacksmith makes, as well as the sort they don't. So, thanks for reading. And hopefully I can start to engage people in the world of blacksmithing, the world that I love. Tom

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